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UUM ONLINE: For Muhammad Farid Anuar, 21 and Thendabani a/l Raja, 20, being disabled doesn?t stop them from pursuing their dreams to study at the university. These two special students registered for the new academic session 2016/2017 yesterday.

Muhammad Farid said, he was over the moon for being accepted to study at UUM because the university is renowned for its numerous national and international achievements. Moreover, UUM is also highly committed to providing the best facilities for students with disabilities.

Muhammad Farid said, he feels very inspired to pursue his studies at the university after seeing that his brother, Mohd Fuad continued his studies at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS).

"I do not want to miss out on education despite my disability. I would like to prove that despite my disability, I can also be successful?.

"My ambition is to become an event manager and emulate my idol, Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim,? said Muhammad Farid who suffers from Cerebral Palsy (neurological disorders).

Muhammad Farid, the eldest of four siblings will pursue the Bachelor of Event Management with Honours programme.

Meanwhile, Thendabani a/l Raja, a student of the Bachelor of Science with Honours (Information Technology) said, he wanted to prove to the world that his birth defects will not impede his success.

Thendabani, who idolises Bill Gates, aspires to be a Software Engineer in the future and he chose the course as he is confident that he will be able to become proficient at it.

"My disability is not a barrier to learning. I will try to record the lectures using the mobile phone in class because writing is quite laborious for me.

"When I received the offer to study at the university, I was very eager to make new friends and learn to be independent. Moreover, I am certainly glad to discover that UUM provides first-rate facilities for students with disabilities," he said.

For a student of the Orang Asli community, Wa Yohana a/p Bah Ngah, 20, the chance to study at the university is her dream ever since her school days.

She said, as she was the only child in her family who received the chance to study at the university, she hoped to become a role-model for the Orang Asli children in her hometown in Maran, Pahang.

"I come from a poor family and my father is a rubber tapper. Even though I feel sad to be far away from my family, I will study hard and pursue my dream to become a lecturer and I do not want to let my parents down,? added the Bachelor of Social Work Management with Honours student.