By GoneshChSaha

The ranks of Student Leadership and Development Committee (JKPS) of Tradewinds Student Residential Hall (SRH/INASIS) Students Leadership and Development Committee (SLDC) underwent a Team Building 2018 programme at Langkawi Island from 8 -10 February 2018. The entourage was led by Mr. Amdan Mohamed, the principal of Tradewinds SRH, accompanied by Fellows Dr. Wiwied Virgiyanti and Mr. Khairone Khatidin, the SLDC President, Sadruddin Rabani, and twenty of the hall?s international postgraduate students.

The main objective of this programme was to strengthen the relationship and nurture the camaraderie spirit between the staff and SLDC members as they work together to organize programmes for Tradewinds SRH. In addition, the programme was also aimed at showcasing the multicultural aspects of Malaysia to the international participants and thus enhance the latter?s local knowledge and broad global perspective of different cultural values.

The programme kicked off with the Organization Talk and Almanac Presentation by SLDC members. Table discussions were held between the participants and the residents? staff members to address issues highlighted earlier. The participants were then taken on a tour, visiting several of Langkawi Island?s most attractive sites such as the Langkawi Kilim Geoforest Park and the Langkawi cable car ride. These outdoor activities were aimed at providing the participants the opportunity to further develop their leadership and communication skills.

Sadruddin Rabani, the SLDC President, was very optimistic and felt positive with the outcome of the programme. He believed that all the set aims were accomplished particularly the one in strengthening the relationship between the new SLDC members and the management of Tradewinds SRH. On a similar note, Mr. Amdan Mohamed, the Principal, stated that, ?A good team is like a well-oiled machine? and went on to express his gratitude and high expectation in that those concerned can now work together in planning and executing with efficiency, all the activities set for 2018.